Video: Yendi Phillips Shot Back At Critics “I’m Not Promiscuous”

In her firt interview since coping the first runner up at this year’s Miss Universe, Jamaican beauty Yendi Phillips use the opportunity to shot back at her critics. Yendi told Anthony Miller on ER that for years people have always criticised her to the extent that sometimes she stayed home for weeks.

Watch the video below


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  1. Yendi and Asafa nuh watch no face, a so black people stay.  Just hold your heads up high and do unu stuff.  Asafa mi nuh business if Usain win or not mi not changing a you mi a vote for and mi know you a go do mi proud, last, first or not I love you because when there was no bolt there was asafa.  Love you son of the soil.  Nearly said love you baby boy but I can’t because my 8 year old would kill me.  No matter what, I love you guys.  enjoy the love Claire