Exclusive!… Bounty Killer On Beating Girlfriend: “It Started Out As Ramping”

Rumors reaching DancehallHipHop is that embattled dancehall deejay Bounty Killer claimed that he and his girlfriend was play fighting when the alleged incident occured.

According to a source at the police lockup, Killer told the cops that “It started out as ramping  and tings juss get out a hand.”

The source told DancehallHipHop that it might have been true, and he speculate that the girl might have box Killer playfully and get Warlord angry which resulted in a beat down.

According to rumors reaching us, Killer used a hammer to beat down his girlfriend, resulting in she having to get 19 stitches for cuts and bruises.

Bwoy Killer wha wi fi believe… issue a statement or something.

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