Vybz Kartel Breaks Silence On Russian Rift, “Russian A Mi Pickney”

Portmore Empire general Vybz Kartel reportedly broke his silence on a rumored beef between himself and producer Russian.

According to the Jamaica Star newspaper, both Kartel and Russian said there is no rift between them.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Kartel clarified that despite rumours of a rift between himself and Russian everything is good between them. When asked about a rift, which had been circulating on the Internet he said, “Russian a mi pickney”. When contacted, Russian said he had got numerous calls from persons asking about a rift, but said, “there’s no beef, and websites put up a lot of things to call gossip.”

Last weekend Dancehall HipHop broke news that there is a rumored beef between Vybz and Russian.

Russian who did the hit song “Jeans N Fitted” with Vybz Kartel, has reportedly signed some new artists who were supposed to be signed to Kartel Portmore Empire. The source said because of some allegations that Vybz Kartel is beating members of Gaza, the new and upcoming artists opt to sign with Russian who is a producer with his own label.

“Di yute dem neva waan sign with Empire cuz dem fraid a Kartel. Di man a beat di man dem when him buss dem like some lickle yute,” the source said.

In speaking with THE STAR Vybz Kartel also address allegations of a rift between himself and Jah Vinci.

“we just drop a song wid me and Jah Vinci called Leadeth Me. Word on the streets is that Jah Vinci is not in Empire or that me have him inna me basement a clean me clarks, so this collab will kill all attempts at rumour’tism’.”

For a while there has been rumors that Jah Vinci is no longer a part of Kartel led Portmore Empire, after earlier this year rumors broke that Vinci was beaten by Vybz Kartel. One rival deejay song that Kartel had Jah Vinci in his basement cleaning his Clarks.

One fan told us that Jah Vinci is a talented deejay and we would like to hear more music from him.

Do you think there is a rift or no rift between Kartel and Russian and what about Jah Vinci?… comments below