Is Ray J Gay? He Calls Up Raz B To Clear Name [Video]

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So another big name celebrity is drawn into the Raz B and Marques Houston scandal.

Looks as if Marques Houston and certain individual aren’t the only ones feeling the heat from Raz B’s molestation allegations, according to a taped phone conversation-so is Ray J.

In a videotaped phone conversation, Ray J apparently calls Raz B to clear up rumors that he was involved in a homosexual relationship with one of the members of B2K.

Vehemently denying the allegations, Ray J calls Raz B to dead the rumor in what appears to be a set up interview on the part of Raz B. This is what Ray said:

“I Got The Head Of VH1 Trying To Take Me Out On Dates. Puffy & Jay-Z Asking What’s Up W/You?”

“I need you to rephrase that sh*t Raz. You got n*ggas hitting me every day, like Puffy, Jay-Z asking ‘what’s up with you and this certain individual sh*t?’ Cause it’s like damn you really didn’t have to mention a n*gga,” Ray J says. “And I talked To Marques Houston tonight, he didn’t deny the [molestation] sh*t dawg.”

During his conversation with Raz B, Ray J did confirm the allegations against Marques Houston, which validates Raz B claim.

“I’m getting a lot of paper now. I can’t diss anybody that’s homosexual in any kind of way,” Ray continued. “If you like men, if you like women whatever. You do what you do, I respect you, I love you. I f*ck with a lot of n**gas and females that’s homosexuals and bisexuals, that’s cool. So I don’t want to ever get it twisted like I’m saying it ain’t cool to do sh*t and cross that path. And then on top of all that , I got the head of VH1, and I got the head of a couple other n*ggas on some fruity sh*t.

Calling, trying to get my number, taking me out on dates and I don’t need that sh*t either. It’s going down because of the rumors and I’m in a f*cked up position, because I will never go out and say anything in the f*ggot name or anything. Anything you say like that your career is over, because people that are in that world run the industry.”

Watch full video below of the conversation.