Bounty Killer Calls Out Vybz Kartel On Cake Soap Issue [Video]

The Alliance general Bounty Killer has called out the gaza general Vybz Kartel over his Cake Soap claims.

Last week DancehallHipHop exclusively told you that Vybz Kartel will start selling his own brand of the iconic Jamaican Blue Bommer soap. Kartel have done several interviews where he claims that the reason his skin has gotten light is because of his use of the Cake Soap, of which he has done a song about.

This claim has drawn the ire of one of dancehall pioneer Bounty Killer, who said Vybz Kartel is not “setting an example for young kids.”

In an interview with popular Jamaican entertainment TV show ER, Killer said “Vybz Kartel trying to sell Foul Pil to the Jamaican People.”

Peep the interview below

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