VIDEO: Vybz Kartel Teacha’s Pet Episode 2, Milk Showed No Love [Uncut]

On Friday night (September 30) there was no Teacha’s Pet on CVM TV. According to word reaching Dancehall HipHop from the production camp, they could not edit the scenes in time for the showing.

However, the uncut version was aired on

More drama unfold on the second installment of the show. Apart from the girls going off on the substitute teacher, Amelia “Milk” Sewel, there were a lot of drama and high points including the a steamy dance session.



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Swaggericious Cyrus Kartel

di teacha z damn hawt>>>>>>>>.

Sandre Swaby

me no like the twin a bloodclathe them wha sum one fi fread a dem an throu dem cum from foreign dem a gwaan like them better than jamaican suck dem mumma a trinni me sa.

L'Jai Perry
L'Jai Perry

Bri Stewart Barri-Allison Kaye Brown– Teachas Pet Ep2.

Javaughn Crush Dem Smith

mad ting gaza mi sa.

Charles Maina


Adidja Vybz Maina


Adidja Vybz Maina


Apple Corry

a mad thin man big up u self wold ba$$.

Kimberlee Chin
Kimberlee Chin

mi like it.