Sizzla Kalonji Adress Death Rumors, “Life Over Death, Stop Spread Rumor” [Video]

Reggae star Sizzla Kalonji has broken his silence on the recent rumors that he is dead.

In a viral video released online this week, Sizzla asked those who are spreading the rumors to stop.

“Yow DJ Bones, Black Eagle, a Sizzla Kalonji seh dat, life over death, badmind people stop spread rumors,” Sizzla said before release another video voicing a dub.

Watch videos below.


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  1. big op to dah master Miguel.

  2. Emperor King Haile I Sela$$ie I did not die HIM is life.
    Moses and prophet are not dead.
    life is fe Rasta.
    Only de wicked fade away.

  3. a dat no nice….badmind stop your evil actions now…we burn dat.


  5. Caan Crush We Bone! Big up Sizzla! Mi Artist fi Life!