Drunk Gyptian Diss Nicki Minaj, Calls Mr. Vegas Sissy [Video]

Gyptian maybe the latest dancehall star to head down a path of self destruction.

A video surfaced online of the “Hold Yuh” deejay in a studio drinking booze and cursing out Nicki Minaj and Mr. Vegas.

“She is a f*ck up b, guess wha bun me out a everything and den di gal a jump pon di song. Di b*tch a get $25,000 from VP dem fi get di bloodcl*t song hard and never bloodcl*t go pon di song, and when di song go out and get big now she jump pon di song off a her own. First thing she ask who is Gyptian,” an obviously drunk Gyptian said about Nicki Minaj.

Gyptian then turned his attention to fellow dancehall star Mr. Vegas, calling him a sissy.

“Vegas mi an yo no vex, but mi want yo stop do wha yo a do, yeah, da bag a chatting chatting dem an chat bad bout di bag a artist dem, especially me, yo sound like a sissy,” Gyptian said.

Gyptian was recently involved in a fight with producer DJ Frass that ended with a man being shot and killed in a studio in Kingston.

Watch video below