Jah Cure Finally Hold His Daughter Kailani [Photo]

Jah Cure was all smiles when his wife Kamila McDonald arrived at the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston last week with their one-month old daughter Kailani Belle Alcock.

Kamila McDonald, a former Miss Jamaica contestant, gave birth to the couple’s first child Kailani on February 19, 2012 in California. Jah Cure, who is unable to travel to the United States, is seeing his daughter for the first time.

Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alcock and Kamila McDonald, a former Miss Jamaica contestant, wed in a lavish ceremony last summer at the Tryall Clubs in Hanover.

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Melissa Delya Boodasingh

I wish I had your baby. hmmmmmmmmmm

Oneika Caruth

Touchin moment :)

Laura Morris
Laura Morris

proud dad

Claudette Peart

Lovely couple with a beautiful angel.

Kailani Hughes
Kailani Hughes

Oh my gosh! My name is Kailani too!! Jah Cure we gonna have to meet I wanna see your princess! Contact me on facebook Kailani Iloveme Hughes thats my name! om my gosh im so happy! Congrats and thanks for naming her Kailani! lol! Im a big fan! love yuh!

Phiri James Gordon

can’t wait too.

LadySugar Sugar

Absolutely lovely… x

Gary Laing
Gary Laing

god naw sleep 4get the haters man done his time mek di negitive ppl bun dem skin

James Maxwell
James Maxwell

Glad to see Jah Cure trying to move on from the cloud over his head