Rita Ora Says: “Jay Z Wants Me To Be The Next Rihanna”

It has been widely speculated that Jay-Z is grooming pop newcomer Rita Ora to be the new Rihanna.

Everyone seems to think that Rihanna is Jay-Z’s problem child in Roc Nation, given her recent reunion with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Tabloids believes that this places Ora in a prime spot to take over from Rihanna as Jay-Z’s favourite.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Ora said Jay-Z sees her as the next big star like Rihanna.

“I don’t think there will be a next Rihanna,” Rita Ora said. “But I think Jay Z definitely sees me as someone who could be as big as Rihanna. She’s a superstar now but they first knew her as a small-island girl – and they want to repeat that success.”

Rita Ora debut the music video for her single “R.I.P” to rave reviews earlier this month.


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  1. no se trata de seguir el mismo mecanismo de rihanna ella quiere ser la prox rihanna solo mirala lo ridicula que se ve imitando su vestimenta y todo, de verdad patetica ademas rihanna partio de abajo esta de un dia para otro quiere ser rihanna! JAMAS! no tiene estilo propio.

  2. es una principiante para llegar a ser como RIHANNA! le falta enteresa inteligencia y volver a nacer; ajhjahjahajhaa porke el talento no se copiaaa; SE NACEE CON TALENTOOO :D rihannaa no tieneee dias en esto tiene añosss :) y ah tenido qee sobrrepasar muchaas kosa$$ riri iloveyou :D

  3. Rihanna hay una sola! super fea ella.