Rihanna Dad Worries She Is Going Down Whitney Houston Path

Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, is voicing his concern about his daughter’s wellbeing and concerns that she may face the same as Whitney Houston.

“She used to love Whitney,”
Rihanna told the Sun. “Robyn would always sing along to I Will Always Love You. She admired Whitney because of her range, her voice, her appearance, her personality — everything. She loved Whitney so much she would be honoured to play her. I think she would accept in a heartbeat.”

Ronald Fenty says he hope that Rihanna will not go down the same path as Whitney, who was using cocaine up until her untimely death in February.

“I hope she will be smart enough not to go down that path,” Fenty said. “I think she is smart enough not to.”

Last week Rihanna came under fire for smoking something that looks like a white substance at Coachella music festival.

However, Rihanna shot back saying: “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else.”