L.A. Lewis Wants To Recruit Popcaan For New Gaza Group

Controversial entertainer/graffiti artist L.A. Lewis is looking to make a name for himself as the new Gaza leader.

The self proclaim Seven Star General says he has taken up the task of leading the Gaza camp in light of Vybz Kartel absence.

“Mi live a Portmore and mi like wah Kartel did a do…a buss the youths but now dem a frame him so we just a continue it,” Lewis told the star. “Mi a run di thing because nobody nah really run it. When him come back him a di boss still, but for now me a run it.”

L.A. Lewis disclosed that his group will be called the Gaza Federation. He has since issued an ultimatum to Popcaan to join his group or face serious consequence.

“Everybody have him as a Judas so mi a give him a week fi come sign in back,” Lewis said.

No word yet if any prominent artiste is a part of the group.