Ce’Cile, Tony Rebel Weighs In On Beenie Man Saga

Dancehall star Beenie Man is still on the receiving end of some bashing from fellow dancehall artistes and fans for a recent apology issued to the gay community.

In a viral video posted on Youtube last week, Beenie Man asked the gay and lesbian community to forgive him for homophobic lyrics he did two decades ago.

That video has not gone down well with some artists including Bounty Killer, who blast Beenie Man for not standing up for dancehall culture. Not all artists are against the Doc. Bad Gal Ce’Cile has her support for the deejay.

“Everybody gonna jump on Beenie now, he’s a great artiste and have nuff other things to sing about! As long as Beenie is sincere, we all good, cause mi waa see Beenie mash up more shows and I support him! Lots of you dudes don’t even treat women good! Low di Doctor!,” Ce’Cile posted on Twitter.

Veteran reggae star Tony Rebel has also shared his views on Beenie Man’s outcry.

“Beenie Man a him owner man,” Rebel told the Star. “I’m not here to say if he is wrong or right. If him do things and him haffi apologise then that’s his business. Tony Rebel nuh haffi apologise to dem and me straight. Him must know wha him a do why him need fi apologise. Mi nah apologise to no gay, no day, but if him feel fi apologise then that’s his prerogative. Entertainers over the years were promoting gays, they claim they were bashing them but they were actually promoting them. If a man continue fi talk bout gays, why him need fi do dat? We have nuff more tings fi talk bout.”

Producer Skatta Burrell echoes the same sentiments.

“Instead of dancehall uniting, we have allowed it to progress to the point where the gay society are able to target our shows and venues and are successful in preventing us from performing and earning a living. If Beenie Man gets up and apologises then nothing is wrong. We are hypocrites, because even though we say we are a homophobic society, Jamaica is in the top 10 Caribbean countries with the most gays. We have bigger issues than condemning Beenie Man,” Skatta said.