Rihanna Cause Beef Between Chris Brown, Meek Mill & Drake [DETAILS]

Rihanna is at the center of a heated beef between Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake. The beef all started when Rihanna was spotted partying with Meek Mill for his 25th birthday. The two reportedly had a fling afterwards.

According to reports Chris Brown is upset about Rihanna’s rumored relationship with Meek Mill and proceeded to cut the rapper off a planned collaborative track titled “Don’t Judge Me.”

“You took me off your song cause she let me watch the throne #dreamsandnightmares,” Meek Mill tweeted.

Chris Brown then sends out his own subliminal tweet.

“She’s a dream chaser, There are a lot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!” Breezy posted on Twitter.

Drake later sided with Meek Mill, who he collaborated with on a track called “Amen.”

“Oh that’s your ho? That’s our ho too. Lol,” Drizzy tweeted, before adding in Jamaican-patois, “We get gyal eeeeaasy.”

Rihanna chimed in the beef with her own thoughts on Twitter.

“The best is that EYE get to choose,” RiRi tweeted.

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