Chino – Miss Universe [New Music]

Big Ship deejay Chino drop a new track for his girlfriend Yendi Phillipps titled “Miss Universe,” off the Baseline Riddim, produced by his brother Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor.

“From the first time mi si yu girl mi like yo, mi know sey mi and yo fi deh, mi know a mi fi wife yo, mek some gal run up dem mouth dem nuh have it like yo, watch dem a patton yo style, dem wah fi be like yo,” Chino deejay over a dancehall beat.

Listen track below.



  1. All I can say is remember when ASAFA did a win an I’m pick up YENDI hmmm poor freddy I’m career get nock I’m betta link cruger fi go bk in a I’m dreams fi change the past.

  2. My goodness, who is your editor? The person s–ks, man…