Bounty Killer Talks Busy Signal, Beenie Man Gay Apology [Video]

Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer has opens up about his protege Busy Signal legal troubles, and his recent bashing of Beenie Man over his apology to the gay community.

Speaking with Winford Williams of On Stage, Bounty Killer says Busy Signal arrest is a big blow to dancehall.

“So sad man and we were just in Europe touring,” Bounty Killer said. “It’s not something that he is so surprise of still. I don’t know about the drug charges or anything, but he told us about absconding bail, he admitted that and he know that is something that could come back an haunt him.”

Killer also gave his piece on Beenie Man’s controversial apology to the gay community, as well as, homosexuality and dancehall culture.

“I don’t know if Beenie Man was apologizing or not, but for what,” Bounty Killer questioned. “First we wonna state clear that I as a dancehall artist, and I think more of my fellow artists share the same views, we not into violence against no people. So my issue is we song songs that say killer certain people and that’s wrong. But we had a culture that thought us that homosexuality is wrong, that’s what our culture thought us, which we believe in and uphold. We never had no idea that it was wrong until we come in the world and get to understand that different cultures and different believes share in the world and certain utterance and expressions is offensive or incite violence to other people.”

Watch full interview below.