Natural Black “Judgment Chair” Sizzla Diss [New Music]

The Judgment Yard is under fire from both Khago and Natural Black. The “Far From Reality” deejay release a new single “Judgment Chair” in response to Sizzla’s latest single “Hurry Come Up.”

“Me rather cut my hair, than be a hypocrite like poop in a your judgment chair, a worry about man career when him know him have him own car to steer, me can grow my hair and cut my hair and don’t care whatever you want hear, from the vehicle run over your head you no come back good and your not seeing clear,” Natural Black deejay over a dancehall beat.

MUSIC: Sizzla Diss Khago And Natural Black

Since cutting off his locks last month, Natural Black has been receiving heavy criticism from members of the Rastafarian community.

“The next one cut him locks, bout him gone a dancehall, no want Rasta blessing, see the vanity and want all, a gallivant, but wait till him start fall, a straight back to Rasta him ago run and start ball,” Sizzla deejay in the single “Hurry Come Up.”

Listen to Natural Black “Judgment Chair” below and sound off in comments.