I-Wayne Says Too Much “Filth” In Dancehall Music

I-Wayne is then late this reggae star to weigh in on the state of the music dance music industry.

According to I-Wayne, reggae and dancehall music is full of pure “filth.”

“The system just promoting pure negativity. Memba di music is life because a that it reflect, and wah them a promote now nah help wah gwaan inna di society. Once di meditation nuh right ,di people nah go right. As soon as dis filthy system end, all this crap will stop,” I-Wayne said.

“Di ones dem just decide seh a freak dem a promote! Mi realise seh dem jus a fight what is good and a promote pure filth. Probably me nuh have enough money as the filthy one dem, that’s why mi a get the fight,” I-Wayne added.

I-Wayne, who recently released his latest album Life Teachings, says this is one of main reason he as not been more visible.

“That a one a di main reason why dem nuh see I-Wayne. Dem just promoting filth an a try stifle di goodness. Yuh have some hungry-belly people inna Jamaica who will tek yuh things, but overseas people who have dem money will run dem weh and seh ‘Yuh caan buy mi out. But mi deh yah same way. Mi nuh run out, mi nuh gone nuh weh,” I-Wayne said.

Watch I-Wayne “Life Teachings” documentary below.