Tommy Lee Explains “Uncle Demon” Getting Big Break In Dancehall [Video]

Tommy Lee has been getting some heat in dancehall circles over his continuous use of slangs that are deemed demonic.

In a video uploaded on his Youtube channel, Tommy Lee Sparta explains his popular single “Uncle Demon.”

“All who say mi a demon is not looking at what they just did… because at the end of the day you never see demon a rob shops or rob anybody,” Tommy Lee said.

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“At the end of the day I can’t get up and talk about man them, I can’t take to too physical… at the end of the day when the youths them ask what is a demon, its more spiritual, but no one seeing any spirit beside me, a deejay mi just a deejay,” Tommy Lee added.

Tommy Lee also talks growing up in Flankers, Montego Bay, meeting Vybz Kartel and getting his big break in dancehall.

Peep video below.



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Dominic Torredo
Dominic Torredo

mi a pree.

David Scanty Love

all a bad thing me like it gaza man mad.

Cleo Vybz Marekwa


Laritza Yahoska Gonzalez

hi baby

Rusel Gervais

Yes killa can lil bloodz

Snaggajnrwurl'boss Gazajnrkartel

no bwoy cyaan rump wit we di sparta side…awooh.