Mr. Vegas Baby Mama Shellian Speaks Out, “I Didn’t Cheat On Vegas” [Audio]

Mr. Vegas baby mother Shellian McBayne has broken her silence on the ongoing drama with the dancehall artist.

Mr. Vegas went on an emotional rant this week on Facebook after founding out that his girlfriend and mother of his 1-year-old daughter is cheating.

VIDEO: Mr. Vegas Breaks Down In Interview About Cheating Girlfriend Shellian

According to Mr. Vegas, Shellian has been creeping with another man in his house in the presence of his 1-year-old daughter. Vegas say he only recently found out that she got married to an American citizen to get a green card.

However, Shellian McBayne has since refute Mr. Vegas’ claim. Yesterday she called into Ragashanti radio show to reveal her side of the messy story.

“I was getting ready to come out of his house because I found a man and am happy so mi a bun,” Shellian told Ragashanti. “So I did not cheat on Vegas… a me tell him that I have a man and he said I should come out of his house so that is where the drama start.”

Shellian admitted that she was wrong to have sex in Mr. Vegas’ house, however, she denies doing it in front oh their 1-year-old daughter.

MORE DRAMA: Mr. Vegas Planning To Release The Tape Of Cheating Baby Mama

“I admit that I was wrong to have sex in his house but I never did it in front of my daughter, I would never do that. The child was asleep and when she wake up she start to wonder around and when she walked into the room I drew the cover over myself,” she said.

Shellian McBayne also revealed that Mr. Vegas said he was going to commit suicide after learning she has another man.



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