Lyrics: Tommy Lee – Buss A Blank

Tommy Lee lyrics Buss A Blank
Tommy Lee Buss A Blank lyrics

{Verse 1}
Heavy like a mobster we a sparter
We support the the parties like a sponsor
Yo no see the car hot paw mi rolex
An mi never bolo fi no polo
Hit pan the 24 rolling slow
An wi no take check duppy we meck
Weed smoking ma lungs like a cancer
From yo know yo born straight buss a blanka Plow!

Yeh hu……
Yuh no hear mi she hunu fi buss a blanka
Yuh no hear mi she hunu fi buss a blanka
(Yuh nn hear mi she hunu fi buss a blanka)
Easy crazy turn in a monster
What a logical emerge in a monster
No body turn back mi forward fi turn canker
All a who she sparter hunu buss a blanka plow!

{Verse 2}
Mi foot plant like a tree root
Yeh stil adisa still a mi father
Mi come fi rula mi no response
Incase yuh never know mi naw lef the gaza
Tell every media every news carrier Tommy Lee naw look no sorry fa
So all who no like me suck yo mother
All a who agree hunu buss a blanka Plow!

{repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}
Anywhere mi go gal a play in a mi corn row
Every gal a get f*ck gal a get duck
Mi no miss when mi aim people caw tame
Come fi f it up just like a dope game
Step up like a creature there is no space
No gal in a the world never sit in my face
Every gal a road wan carry my load
Every every guddas
Every every go go
GO so plow!

{repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}