Christopher Martin – Yuh Hold Mi Lyrics

Lyrics Chris Martin Yuh Hold Mi
Chris Martin lyrics Yuh Hold Mi


See Martin yah
Girl g-g-girl
Yeah yeah
Gal come yah mek mi tell something
Everyting inna mi pocket mi a go tek it fi gi u
Tek it fi gi u, gal mi ah go tek it fi gi u
Listen weh mi waan u fi duh


Wine fi mi baby
Cool di position
Gal yuh body hot like Kim Kardashian
Yuh fi be the wife mi fi be di husband
Gal yuh body hot a outta way yuh get it from ahh
You hold me, gal yuh body hold me ahh ah
Gal yuh hold me gal yuh body hold me ah ah
Gal yuh hold me gal yuh body hold me ah
Gal yuh hold me gal yuh body hold me

{Verse 1}

Yuh likkle wine weh yuh do gal mi like it
Mi rev har like a vice grip
Been through lot of girls neva felt nuttn like this
Gal yuh body priceless
Sing soft and smooth my girl a di nicest
Full of curves inna yuh tight dress
Mi nuh sure bout by highest di way yuh wine it
Yuh body a di tightest ahhhh
{Repeat Chorus}

Verse 2:

From mi see a girl mi know a weh mi waan
Everything flop when dem see u yuh a gwaan
Trailer load a man a come but dem a summady fan
But dem nuh share up yuh tings so dem nah get none
When yuh a gal point
If yuh stop weh dem deh yuh a spoil dem night
Gal yuh bright like a star light
Me an yuh feel so right
{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1

{Repeat Chorus}


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