Chris Brown Delete Twitter After Beef With Comedian Jenny Johnson

What started out to be a regular day on Twitter for Chris Brown turned into a nasty fight with comedian Jenny Johnson.

“I look old as (expletive)! I’m only 23…,” Brown tweeted.

Johnson quickly responded to Breezy’s tweet calling him a worthless piece of you know what.

“I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person. RT @chrisbrown:” Jenny Johnson tweeted.

Chris Brown found the tweet very offensive and went on a Twitter rant before deleting his account. Rihanna also weighs in on the fiasco when she posted a screen shot of Jenny’s tweets on her Instagram with the caption “who has time.” She later deleted it.

“take them teeth out when u S–king my d*ck H*E,” Chris Brown reply.



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Mikey Addi Kranium
Mikey Addi Kranium

I Respect Jenny Johnson! I wish someone could dis C.B. so bad that he’d hold Rihanna’s hand and jump off the George Washington Bridge that connects NJ and NY!

Allison Gift Woods
Allison Gift Woods

its actually no ones biz niz wt rihanna n breezy do jst mind your biz niz and let people liv their lifes.

James Maxwell
James Maxwell

both immature and ignorant.