Black Ryno – Hungry Gata Lyrics

Lyrics for dancehall star Black Ryno song “Hungry Gata.”


When yuh si mi in a di street a do mi thing fi get di food
No bother try stop di thing
Bwoy mi lock off yo oxygen


Wi a some hungry gata wa hunt fi paper
Trouble mi food man a come hunt yuh lata
Caw man no play yea bwoy when yo si wi a scrape
Some hungry gata wi a hunt fi paper
From yo trouble mi duffle man a come hunt yuh lata
Wi no play yea bwoy
When yo si wi a scrape

{Verse 1}

Ghetto youths fi move out dem life fi soup up
Fresh an clean every day wi suit up
Pocket fi fat an full a cash an shoot up
Mi root up all evil wa a group up
Mi son a get big hi no
Mi daughter just born
Mi likkle brother seh him just a go in a first form
Mama seh di pressure high again an hi just gone
Di pill dem bigger than di whole a di front lawn

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Memba this mi want money fi spend mi naw ease
MI out in a di street fi meck mi corn beef
MI know it rugh an it tough an it hard
But mi still a gwaan fight fi reach mi naw squeal
Mama seh shi want a house in a di scheme
An papa seh him want a meat shop up a popine
So anyweh di hustle deh mi deh
A real born hustler mi seh

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}


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