Shawn Storm – Like A Go Go Lyrics


Definitely a di sivva
Mi no waan no gyal fi a wine in front a mi like no beginner
Meck mi tell yuh this hey Moonie
To di way dem gyal yah a wine dem a move mi
Paine up when dem go go wine


Hey gyal wine fi mi baby
Tic tock climb pon di shine pole
Take time likkle lady
Yo pu**y warm all when di night cold
Gyal yo know a long time mi want yo
Yo pu**y good a that’s way yo gwaan so
But can yuh wine it like a go go
Can yuh wine it like a go go

{Verse 1}

Alright back it up giggle one jaw
Yo deserve a tip gyal hold da grand yah
Sit down pon it an ride go weh yo want
Wine in a slowmo double bubble yah
Haffi can wine meck bay crowd draw
Yo pretty an yuh cute an yo fat bumper
Now vibrate like di Motorola
Gyal come yah meck mi tell yo what mi want

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Ben over 6:30 style
Si 3 more grand yah yuh meck mi smile
Wine fi no chunk change wine fi di cyle
Wine like seh yuh no si man fi a while
Body feel like yuh a gymnastic
Back it up tic tock tic tock split
Back it up again now fi 3 minutes
Gyal mi love how yuh deal wid it

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}


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