Busy Signal – Defense Lyrics


Guess wa
Deh yah back an mi striking like lightening
True mi release a nuff a dem hi left frightening
Who God bless no bwoy cyan fight him
Big up dutch from Gp to Iyara

{Verse 1}

Go tell di media mi sicker than Ca medial
The recent Cyclopedia yo better get familiar
Blast through yo speaker like a C4 baleebia
So big up all mi fans dem from Jamaica to Nigeria
Dancehall again yo know di thing a move speedier
Gyal seh dem miss mi how long dem waan fi si mi yah
Shi want my exterior in are interior
Superior is my style some bwoy style inferior


Defense defense rise from di fall
Nothing cyan run in mi links dem tall
Dem bruk down di bridges an build up dem wall
But a father god a guide dem a used overall

Defense defense no chatting up
From di bwoy love chat thugs lock him up
Knock him out wi naw promote sell out
Nuff youth deh a hell waan fi get di hell out

{Verse 2}

Harder than concrete so me go
The way mi humble is like mi have no ego
First thing mi badder an madder than every amigo
Head hot heart colder than sub zero
Elevate stepping up but dem don’t like di syndrome
Busy mi name mi no haffi fight fi no King Jone
Si dem deh in a glass house an a fling stone
Gyal dem love mi mi no haffi change up mi skin tone

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Intro}

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 2}

{Repeat Chorus till fade out}