Cecile – Girl On The Side Lyrics


Honestly I wanna be the girl you sneak around with
When your not with me

{Verse 1}

And honestly I really sees
That the girl on the side has it much better than the wifey
Could it be
I tell you that am finish
I tell you that am done
You tell me that am crazy
You tell me am the one
I know you think am foolish
We brake up all the time
But this time babe am serious


Cause I really don’t thing your like how you usto be
You’ve change
You’ve change
Ain’t treating me like you usto it’s not the same
Not the same

{Verse 2}

Think that now that you had me
You forgot how you wer when you wanted me
All a the loving you usto do when me and you were new
Now you afto be reminded
I think that now that your my boyfriend
It was better when I wasn’t your girlfriend
You treated me better when you never had it good like this
You were much more attentive

Now could it be that all this time
It was better being the girl on the side
Could it be I was wrong to fight
For the number one position in your life
Ha ha now I wanna be the girl on the side
I think I wanna be the girl on the side
SO cyan we brake up and rewind
Back to when I was the girl on the side

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 2 first 8 lines}

Verse 3}

Am I over reacting
Is me had to chase back you loving
Is it better if am not the one
Would you rather be creeping
Tell me whats more appealing
When you try to win it or when you won

{Repeat Verse 2 first 8 Lines
And the line I wanna be the girl on the side