“Tracing Vybz Kartel Gaza Roots” Noisey Jamaica Premiere [VIDEO]

Noisey Jamaica premiered their highly anticipated dancehall web series today.

In the first episode of the Snoop Lion-produced mini-documentary, Noisy Jamaica host Codine Williams traveled to the heart of the Gaza to trace Vybz Kartel life as the Gaza Emperor.

Vybz Kartel: “I Will Not Make The System Break Me”

“Free Worl’Boss” is the new slang inside the Gaza, as fans and friends of the deejay calls for his release from jail.

Vybz Kartel is currently behind bars awaiting trial on two murder charges.

The ten-part series aired on Noisey Jamaica YouTube channel evey Tuesdays.



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Rock VE Maruping


Emmanuel Nalobile

jst free dah techa.

Godfrey Bami
Godfrey Bami

We wah know wah made sell out and more bout gully.

Dorvens Augustin Next Kartel

vybz kartel

Snoppie Husler Husler


James Maxwell
James Maxwell

I expected a more in-depth video about the life of Vybz Kartel. all mi see a couple sketel and pitney a talk foolishness.