Kelly Rowland Spotted Crying After Lunch With Beyonce And Jay-Z [PHOTO]

Your birthday is suppose to be a happy.

Yesterday Kelly Rowland celebrated her birthday at the Gjelina Restaurant in Venice, California with her close friend Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange Knowles.

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But shortly after the birthday lunch, Kelly Rowland was spotted outside on the side of the street wiping tears from her cheeks.

It is still not known the real reason why Rowland was crying, but rumors have it that Beyonce did not gave her a birthday gift and also axed Rowland from her upcoming world tour.

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  1. Why do people chat so much? you will never know why she was crying unless she tell’s anyone, and quite frankly I think it is none of your damn buisness!!!!

  2. Wake up Kelly, don’t allow Beyoncé to keep walking on you she is not all that you are in the spotlight as well..

  3. guilty conscience.she did air dirty laundry and now things aren’t the same.

  4. kelly need to stop talking to her.she is much better off with other people than her.

  5. whoever made my kelly cry is going to get a foot up they a$$ I woild hate to do it to beyonce but if she did it its going to b on.

  6. Sanique Cranston

    we as a set of people chat too damm much we too fa$$ we don’t know wat she was crying for.u think she is going to cry bcause beyonce don’t gave her a gift really u think she is five.

  7. If this is true….that is so freaking foul?!!!!

  8. If this is true….that is so freaking foul?!!!!


  10. her hair is on point though.

  11. I’m sorry but Beyonce is not a real singer.

  12. KELLY TRY TO REMEMBER fargie’s song “BIG GIRLS DOn’t CRY”.

  13. Jay Z and Beyonce told her she out of the group. Lol Smh @powerplayersmag.

  14. Jay Z and Beyonce told her she out of the group. Lol Smh @powerplayersmag.

  15. Kelly don’t cry and don’t own up to Beyonce.

  16. This is crap.
    on a different note she shoulda been steppin’ it up long time. She has the talent. IDK She doesn’t seem driven but she coould have been a superstar with her pipes.She not far from beyonce and I remember her singing better than beyonce sometimes live.I heard she want to do a HBO special too but what the hell she going to talk about for an hour? She wasn’t doing that much.

  17. let her go on with her old life she had before.

  18. don’t cry kelly hold your head up girl it’s going to alright be strong.

  19. Smiley TiredofLuving Banks

    beyonce is a bi–h………….

  20. WOW hope that’s not true.

  21. Kelly needs to stop kissing up to Beyonce and be her own woman!

  22. That”s not the way how to treat your friend……….Beyonce———