DMX Being Sued By A Nightclub Over No Show

DMX finds himself in more legal troubles.

A nightclub owner is reportedly suing the former Ruff Ryder rapper claiming he took money for a gig but was a no show.

DMX Goes Into Oprah Studio High, Spazzes Out On Iyanla Vanzant

According to TMZ, the club owner says X took $3,000 to make a special appearance at the club but instead left the club stoned.

Owls Nest Sports Lounge filed the suit in South Carolina court, claiming it hired DMX to do a meet and greet on August 25, 2012 for the bargain price of $3,000 … but X left the club high and dry.

Never heard of a rapper charging $3,000 for a gig. Times must have been really hard on X.


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  1. So it was like catch me if you can lol.

  2. So it was like catch me if you can lol.