Buju Banton Trial Hit A Snag, Computer Search Yield No Juror Misconduct

Buju Banton ongoing fight for freedom hit another snag.

Earlier this month Buju Banton lawyers, headed by Chokwe Lumumba, hired a computer expert to comb through a juror’s hard drive for any evidence of misconduct.

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According to Tampa Bay Times, Banton’s IT investigator found a total of 1.6 million records in the computer history between the specified time frame set by the judge.

However, at the end of the investigation, Banton’s computer expert uncovered no evidence of misconduct.

This dealt a big blow to Buju Banton’s hope for a new trial.

Buju Banton’s lawyer fired back saying Juror Teri Wright handed over the wrong computer. However, Wright’s lawyer Lori Palmieri said she only had one computer.

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“She only had one computer; it was a laptop, and she brought it,” Palmieri said. “In my opinion, end of story, but not in their story.”

Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, is currently serving a 10-year sentence in a Florida prison after being convicted of drug trafficking charges in February 2011.

The Grammy-winning reggae singer is also facing an additional five years on a gun charge.

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