Snoop Lion Ft. Drake & Cori B. – No Guns Allowed [Music Video]

Snoop Lion takes a stance against gun violence in his powerful new video for the single “No Guns Allowed,” featuring Drake and his daughter Cori B.

The single will appear on the rap legend turn reggae singer upcoming album Reincarnated due on April 23.

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“About six to seven years ago while I was on the Jay Leno show and I just got off stage and going back to the house,” Snoop said while discussing the significance of the single. “I pulled up about a block and a half and before I knew it a hundred police pulled up on me and they all drawing down with real guns and they not playing. They came over and pulled me out the car and started talking to me and they are like ‘you can play dumb all you want because we have your wife and kids and going through your whole house so either your going to tell us where the guns are or we are going to put your families through hell’ and I had to think.”

Watch the video below.