Wesley Snipes A Free Man, Released From Prison

Inmate #43355-018, Wesley Snipes, was released from prison earlier this week.

The Blade star spent just over two years in prison after being convicted in 2010 for tax evasion.

According to TMZ, Snipes was released on April 2 and will be under house arrest until July 19.

Snipes reps says the 50-year-old star will be going back to acting after serving his time.

He will definitely start paying his taxes.



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Cindy Springer
Cindy Springer

Good to see him back!

Lynn Myers Freedman
Lynn Myers Freedman

You are a Great actor! Hope you make a movie soon!

Mike Kitterman
Mike Kitterman

Smells like some kind of government bullsh-t that he went in the first place. First of all there is no specific law that says you have to pay taxes, and the only time the government gets someone for tax evasion is when they are really pissed off about something else. I am confident that Wesley hasn’t done anything wrong and I’m hoping that he will fill us in on what actually went down. Welcome back Wesley. Tom Wood says, “hello”.

Kathlyn Cummings

Free the world boss.

David Msosa

Why house arrest when he has already served over 2 years in jail? Any way, am happy Snipes is out of prison.

Major Osaguga Nyirenda


James Maxwell
James Maxwell

About time. now tell these people to free Buju.

Maureen Henry

I hope he pays his tax this time.

Treverse Graham

mad a road bless up snipes!

Imel Samuel

thank goodness u r back & trinis pay wit $ 2 c your movies.

Martin Kumtima

Welcome back Snipes.

John Blue

awaiting him on action as usual.

Jacqueline Marston Blake

cant wait to see u in sum movie.