Shane Brown Denies Affair With Busy Signal’s Baby Mother, Talks Tarrus Riley And Romain Virgo [VIDEO]

Shane Brown emerges from his fallout with Busy Signal a bigger force in Jamaican music than he was before.

The Juke Boxx head is now on the management team of two of reggae’s most talented acts on the scene right now, Tarrus Riley and former Rising Star champ Romain Virgo.

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A week after Busy Signal told his side of the saga, Brown stopped by Winford Williams of OnStage to give his side, as well as, his new partnerships.

During the interview, Shane Brown addressed perhaps the most pressing question of the whole saga. Did he had an affair with Busy Signal’s baby mother while the deejay was behind bars?

“Rumors are rumors and the media get too socializing now,” Shane Brown said. “The truth is when something this happens and there is no logical reason it opens doors for loose mouth and loose fingers. But I know the truth and Busy Signal know the truth.”

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Shane Brown also said his company Juke Boxx was 100% responsible for Busy Signal current European tour.

The producer also opens up about his relationships with Romain Virgo and Tarrus Riley.

Watch video for Shane Brown interview with Winford Williams below.