Gays Beaten And Chase Out Of Jamaica Carnival Road March [DETAILS]

A group of gays brought Bacchanal Jamaica 2013 road march in Kingston to a stand still on Sunday.

Jamaicans, dubbed the most homophobic people on earth, has been known to have very low tolerance for homosexuals, although the island has become more relax on the subject in recent years.

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However, on Sunday a small group of gay revellers were simply over bearing for both Jamaicans and tourists partying on Mass Camp and Trafalgar Road.

One reveller told DancehallHipHop that about a handful of mostly gay men and few women joined the road march and started frolicking in the streets.

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It wasn’t long before they caught the attention of everyone else and all hell broke loose.

“They were wining on head top and doing all sort of things that were just unbearable,” the party goer told us.

“They obviously knew it would cause problems so they brought there pepper spray and one even said he had acid,” she continues.

The party goer, who request anonymity, told us a heated argument ensued and things quickly got out of hand.

“The argument was heated because everyone was hurling gay slurs at them and they were cursing back until bottles start flying… they ran and people was running after them,” she added.

At least one member from the group of gays were caught and beaten before police officers stepped in to calm things down.

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That incident did not stopped the party from going on in one of Jamaica’s best Carnival season yet.

Celebs including Usain Bolt, D’Angel, Tifa, Yendi Phillipps and more were spotted enjoying the fun.