Jay-A ft Mavado – Hundread Dollar Bill friend Lyrics

Yow mi no waan no friend
Dem cyaa come fi me
Five o cyaa come fi me
Bad mind cyaa come fi me
Mi naw keep dem company

Mi no waan no 100 dollar bill friend
No waan no 1000 dollar bill friend
Mi no beg and mi no buy friend
That mean you a no my friend
You just dis I don’t dis you
Never approach wanna approach you
You don’t know me, I don’t know you
You don’t know what I read all about you

(Verse 1)
Real bad man never sell out
Not on sail so mi never sell out
Mi no lickye, lickey
Dem cyaa trick mi
Cyaa style mi, cyaa dis mi
A 10 cent meck yo know what a dollar worth
When yo reach the clean water dem waan yo swallow dirt
Gully God bad from mi birth
And mi no fear no pants nor mi no fear no skirt
Real ni—-s hear mi
Bi–h ni—-s fear mi
Chat under dem voice because dem cyaa talk clearly
If dem f around Jamaica haffi bail mi
Yo si mi inna the street no bother hail mi
Suck yo mother

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tell dem fi go weh wid dem dirty habit
Seh dem a yo friend dem a friend yo pocket
Unu stop it
Yow unu fi stop it
Unu sick mi stomach and just meck mi waan vomit
Cause dem worster than a slave master
Dem wi meck yo end up inna disaster
Dem wi kill yo fi the dutty paper
Mi seet seh dem a some dutty faker

(Repeat Chorus)

Mi seet seh a so nuff a dem cold
Dem wi kill yo fi the money in yo bill ford
Nuff a dem run go sell dem soul
So mi seet seh dem a go go down inna hole
Cyaa run yo cyaa hide
Cause mi a go seet in yo eyes
Yo seh a straight loving a come from inside
SO go weh wid yo bogos mind

(Repeat Chorus)


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