Coolio Arrested For Assaulting Baby Mama

Legendary rapper Coolio finds himself behind bars last week for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend/baby mother.

According to TMZ, Coolio pushed his girlfriend Anabella Chatman to the ground and punch her in the face in a domestic incident involving another woman.

Anabella Chatman also told police officers that Coolio, born Artis Ivey Jr., also assaulted her with his car.

Police report suggested that she had tire marks on her leg.

Coolio is notorious for the 1995 mega hit “Gangsta’s Paradise” which is widely regarded as one of hip-hop’s most commercially successful singles of all time.

“Gangsta’s Paradise” topped Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks.



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Dion K Pettaway
Dion K Pettaway

Struggle hair.

Harry Boyd
Harry Boyd

I hope he is innocent I really do

James Maxwell
James Maxwell

That song was the ish. real cla$$ic right there. but dude look like a crack head now SMH.

Gift Frost Chaya

the legendary coolio.