Vybz Kartel Attacked Beaten Behind Bars By Murder Victim Cronies [STORY]

Vybz Kartel could be having a hard time behind bars if there is any truth to this new piece of information reaching DancehallHipHop.

Early this morning an inside source in law enforcement exclusively told DancehallHipHop that Vybz Kartel was attacked and beaten earlier this week in jail.

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The source says the attackers are a cronies of one of Vybz Kartel alleged murder victim, Clive ‘Lazard’ Williams.

Details of how they were arrested and placed in the same jail as Vybz Kartel was not revealed, but they are clearly furious with the Worl’Boss.

“Two youths stepped to him and ask him why him murder Lizard and Kartel say ‘why mi woulda waan kill Lizard,'” the source said.

“Things escalate Monday morning and a fight broke out but guards were able to calm things before it get out of hand,” the source continues.

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The source, who has inside knowledge on Vybz Kartel case, also told DancehallHipHop that tension has been high inside the jail since the arrival of these two men.

“Obviously the youths (attackers) were close with Lizard and is angry over his death, and that has caused tension between the two and Vybz Kartel in the jail,” the source added.

“Plans are being made to move these two individuals to a different jail,” the source reveal.

Vybz Kartel was charge with the Lizard’s murder in late 2011 shortly after his arrest in Kingston in a massive police operation.

According to official police report, Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was a member of Vybz Kartel gang and was murder at a home in Havendale in the summer of 2011 over a missing firearm.

His body was not found, however, law enforcement officials say they are in possession of video evidence linking Vybz Kartel and his co-accused to Lizard murder.

Detectives also say they have a man in witness protection who witness the beaten death of Lizard.

Vybz Kartel returns to court on May 27.

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