Miss Kitty Opens Up About Leaving RJR For Linkup Radio [VIDEO]

After weeks of speculations, Miss Kitty recently confirmed that she has parted ways with Radio Jamaica (RJR) after years of working with the station.

Kitty, born Khadine Hylton, says the radio station gave her an ultimatum after a conflict of interest arose when she took on a gig with Linkup Radio in New York earlier this year.

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“It was a case where a decision had to be made, an ultimatum was given and I did not see it fit or within my best interest to opt for their option,” Miss Kitty told Winford Williams of Onstage. “I then handed in my resignation. It was very sad and very heart felt because having worked there for so long.”

The Fluffy Diva also opened about her new gig on Linkup Radio, after Ragashanti vacated his post on the New York based radio station.

Watch video below.