PHOTO: Ja Rule Came Out Prison Much Bigger Than He Went In

Watch out 50 Cent because Ja Rule is coming to get you.

Ja Rule spent his two years in prison very well. The New York rapper packed on a lot of muscle during his stint behind bars.

NEWS: Ja Rule Finally A Free Man, Released From Prison

The above photo is the first of Ja Rule since his release from a New York prison earlier this month.

Ja Rule before prison

Ja Rule walked out of prison on May 7th after spending two years for tax fraud and a gun charge.

The rap veteran is currently working on his new album.



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Jon Feldman

jarule came out a beast.

Glendon Mullings

Ja Rule need to produce and develop artists..gonna be hard on come back!

Martin Smith

Can’t wait, otherwyz welcome back.

Feona Ludford
Feona Ludford

ja money rule the world not lifting weights and get muscle.

Chunkz Castellano
Chunkz Castellano

dats a good artiste cares not what anyone wants to say about his life.

Senzo Sedash Khumalo

then I’m waiting for that album :)

Clement Darko

ja rule is finish.

Redzone Levi

is this a joke?
this clown is no match for 50 cent.

Kevon Memphis Agard

bless bro stay strong, now more tunes.

Shanie Stullesha Thomas

big up jarule.