Chronixx Talks Being Hype, Career, Music, Money And More [VIDEO]

Since catapulting to top of reggae, Chronixx has met as many challenges as success.

One of the main stigma the “Smile Jamaica” singer being plague with lately is being called hype.

Promoter Plans To Sue Chronixx Over Cancelled Hartford Concert

Many of Chronixx fans and even some promoters have criticized him for what they see as fame and fortune getting the better of him.

However, Chronixx says that is just a big misconception people have about him.

“The good thing is that everybody who says Chronixx hype are the people who don’t know me,” Chronixx told Anthony Miller of ER. “And the people who know me knows that I am hype in a good way. Hype as in very hyper and excited about life. But not in the sense of thinking that I am better than anyone or treat people any less than I treat some people.”

Chronixx also opened up about his career, record deals, and making money.

Watch the interview below.