Vybz Kartel Says He Meant Georgina No Disrespect, “Am More Famous Than Her”

Vybz Kartel says he meant jockey Georgina Sergeon no disrespect when he released his latest hit single “Georgina.”

Vybz Kartel released a statement from behind bars through producer Elvis ‘So Unique’ Redwood where he addressed the recent controversy.

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“I just want to clear the air on this Georgina issue,” Vybz Kartel said. “As it relates to the speculation that we were involved, it is not true. The song is talking about sexual riding, so I simply made reference to a female rider. That’s it. It wasn’t meant to be a disrespect.”

Vybz Kartel also wittily address Georgina Sergeon’s comment about the deejay looking a hype off her name with the song.

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According to the self proclaim Worl’Boss, he is way more famous than the Jamaican female jockey.

“More importantly though, Ms Sergeon wasn’t mentioned to get a hype,” Kartel said. “I am immensely, unequivocally, irrevocably more famous than her as an 11-year music veteran who has toured the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and North, South, and Central America numerous times, and I have never seen her in any of those places, unless she was among the tens of thousands in the crowd.”

Meanwhile the single has been creating quite a buzz on Jamaican airwaves since its release last month.

Reps for the deejay told Dancehall HipHop that he will be releasing more singles for the summer.