Rumor: Mariah Carey Creeping With Miguel + Bikini Photos

Mariah Carey is loving her post baby body because she is showing it off every chance she gets.

But now the pop icon is being accused of having an affair with her “Beautiful” collaborator Miguel.

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The two were spotted getting wet together in the Blue Grotto, off the island of Capri after docking their yacht.

Mariah Carey wore a tiny bikini that struggles to contain her assets.

Mariah and Miguel has been reportedly spending a lot of time together since collaborating on the single “Beautiful.”



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Vassi-Anna Bent

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh they look so good together love the single beautiful I know I am b`.

Aribella Khardashian

isn’t miguel gay? anyway =)

Olivia Goodtostay Grant
Olivia Goodtostay Grant

kmt why dem nosey reporter nuh leave Mariah alone dem always find some bamboozle story fi talk bout people smh the woman just a have fun like everybody else that nuh mean she she a deh wid the man.

Michael Demaro Brown
Michael Demaro Brown

r pum pum fat dough my d–k shooda a traverse through dah fat pum pum deh.

J-me Lee Irving
J-me Lee Irving

oh wow