Tommy Lee Ft Destiny, Stylysh & Tabeeta – Real Bad Gyal Lyrics

Dem real bad gyal yah from down a Sparta
Feel seh yo bad dem put yo inna freezer
Buss rifle yo think a any soldier
Yuh no waan 3 a dem circle yo corner
Send Stylysh fi a poser
Double 60 sack him like a Sammy Sosa
Destiny no feeble shi hil
Shi eager fi kill none a dem no cater

Real bad gyal know how fi buss gun
Real bad gyal know how fi buss gun
Real bad gyal know how fi buss gun
Slap yo inna yo face wid a cold magnum
And when it come to mi man, mi know how fi buss gun
Real hot gyal know how fi buss guns
Real hot gyal know how fi buss guns
Any gyal tek mi man shi haffi run up and down

(Verse 1)
Pull up wid mi mathic inna mi draws waist
Pu**y paw bike back fat a vibrate
9×19 chigger gyrate
Bad man alone a f**K my pu— straight

Di Spartan Goddist, di baddest, demolish
Any bwoy dis him wi get a blind date
Meck mi show unuh how mi sick inna mi head
Listen this, mi suck 9 man c**key straight

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Every gyal pon di Sparta a c**key pleaser
Step pon bwoy inna di pu**y printer
Any funny move pick up like a sensor
Bite out throat like a Parana

Just get a phone call from di teacher
Circle Boston fi di gully creature
Gaza Spartan angel swarm di place
Dark like cave cold like winter

We a queen, we are real worriers
We a queen, every man desire
Any weh wi step in deh so hot like fire
Mi seh any body wi, wi, tek yo power

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)


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