Aidonia – All Girls Lyrics

Yow mi waan love all a di gyal dem
Pretty wid di body gyal
All a di gyal dem, slim a could a fatty gyal
All a di gyal dem, gimmi yo property gyal
All a di gyal dem

Mi waan love all a di gyal dem
Brown or blacky
All a di girl from south to bacati
All a di gyal dem, all a di gyal dem

(Verse 1)
Every gyal mi waan love
Gyal weh belly flat and gyal weh belly waan tuck
Gyal weh soft or weh tougher than a walnut
Up town pretty face body carve up
Ghetto gyal weh know how fi bubble fi mi talk up
Mi no care who fa weave hair full a danjus
From yo full up a di grip mi a knock like hand cuff
Naw stop till mi full up a gyal nuff like hand cuff

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Di gyal dem a fi mi baby dem
Mi wi care fi dem, how yuh fi hate si dem
Send fi dem anyweh, but mi no stray fi dem
A gyal foot bend mi friend, mi wi straighten dem
Wifey, matie dem, di gyal dem weh got di body
Yeh di shapey dem
Slim gyal, di fatty, yeh di weighty dem
Wi no pop down pon gyal, but from 5 o clock wi pay fi dem

(Repeat Chorus)


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