Stein – Can’t Stop (Steezy) [New Music]

Dancehall star Stein drop a new single “Can’t Stop (Steezy).”

Like brakes dem a try stop da youth yah
Yuh no waan mi buss my cabazuka
Badmind waan mi out like candle
True dem cyaa manipulate are maneuver
Tell mi weh dem waan stop mi food fa
Tell mi weh dem waan stop mi food fa
Supn haffi happen caw wi a shooter
A no one bag a talk Muta Baruka

Long time dem a gi mi a fight
But all my confidence infinite
Me no believe inna losing
Try stop mi food is like yuh waan gi mi yo life
Gi mi this wa him waan do mi thins
No bias a mi wickedest lyrics mi a spit
Do no tell Wayne yuh no fi play mi hits
And naw tell dem gyal no sit down pon mi d**K

Listen track below.


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