Sean Paul Ft. Damian Marley – Riot [New Music]

Dancehall star Sean Paul drop a new single featuring Damian Marley “Riot.”

I man si di enemies a rise, they know di price
Fi give back man a blaze and a laugh
Dem a look fi my demise wid dem lies
Dem a work dem witch craft
Pon electi dem protected by the chief of staff
So meck dem get feisty, dem face wi face my Clarks

I see di enemies a rise and don’t surprise
If dem line out inna chalk
If dem love dem life, dem watch how dem move, and mine how dem a talk
Wi no lion dem wake and roar, that mean seh no talk no bark
If a supn dem a prove, then a supn dem a lose
When man a get dark

Sean Paul feat. Damian Marley – Riot Lyrics

Listen full track below.