2 Chainz Was Arrested After Police Found Guns And Drugs On Tour Bus

2 Chainz legal troubles are far from over.

Last month the Atlanta rapper was arrested along with 10 other members of his entourage after police stopped his tour bus in Oklahoma City.

2 Chainz Arrested After A 9-Hour Standoff With Cops

Police officers say they pulled over the bus due to a broken tail light. However, the incident last for several hours after 2 Chainz and others inside the bus locked the cops out.

All the occupants were reportedly brought to a local jail and booked for obstructing police officers.

According to TMZ, the official police report details that guns and drugs were found on the tour bus.

According to the search report, police confiscated the following: metal marijuana grinders covered in residue, marijuana pipes, Rx meds (Hydrocodone and Flexeril), rolling papers, scales, a semi-auto Sig Sauer SP2340 pistol, a Mossberg model 500 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, and a semi-auto Glock pistol.