Bugle & Lady Saw – Infidelity Lyrics

Give yuh mi heart sound and yo gimmi back bruise
Mi no inna di mood so catch mi on di move
Why yo waan mi stick around? Sorry mi done choose
Mi no inna di mood, so catch mi on di move

Then yuh no fall inlove from mi meet yuh di day
But yo run gone fall inlove anyway
Man hurt mi before that’s why yuh go pay
I don’t care zero if yuh waan stay

(Verse 1)
Lady Saw yuh was mi investment
All now mi no know where mi interest went
Mi a pree fi start family
But obviously that wasn’t your intent

Tek back yo heart shape, tek back yo things
Tek back yo lies dem, tek back yo blings
Tek back yo promises, tek back yo rings
Tek all yo want and keep it moving
Mi no sorry bout anything weh mi do
But mi sorry di day mi did lay down wid you
Seh yo give mi yo heart but yo know that no true
Sandy and Saniesha cut it inna two

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yo never did a check, no yuh did a go hard
Gyal now yuh a talk bout everyman a dog
True mi pack up mi clothe and tek weh mi self
And left yuh alone lonely inna di yard

(Repeat Chorus 2X)