DRAMA.. Kim Kardashian Says She Unattracted To Kanye West Because He Smells

Did Kim Kardashian really talk smack about her baby daddy Kanye West.

Lamar Odom is highly upset that the Kardashian clan leaked his personal business to TMZ.

Lamar Odom Checks Into Rehab To Battle Drug Addiction

Last month, TMZ first broke the story of Lamar Odom’s addiction to drugs including cocaine. Now the NBA star is fighting back by leaking details about the Kardashians private lives to the media. He is particularly targeting Kim Kardashian.

This is what sources told Radar Online:

“[Odom]’s freaking out because he’s losing everything. He feels all the Kardashians are against him,” sources say.

“Lamar may go after Kim, who can be a self-absorbed monster,” Radar Online claims.

“Lamar could also expose what Kim’s done for money, who she’s slept with, and the awful things she’s said about Kanye West,” the alleged source reveals. “Like how he smells bad in bed and how she’s not attracted to him.”

Lamar Odom has reportedly checked himself into a rehab facility earlier this week after Khloe Kardashian gave him an ultimatum.

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